“Do you want to learn a profession or do you want to make money? If you want to make money, the curtain maker in the side shop is looking for an apprentice, you can learn professions and earn money there. ”

The story of Alesta Home began to take shape in the early 1970s with the answer of a young person who knew what he wanted from life.

Alesta Home, whose foundations were laid in Ankara in 1990 by Fuat Yazıcı, who pursues life-long ideals, dreams and goals, as a second generation family company today; As a dynamic brand that directs home textile and decoration trends, inspires tomorrow with what it does, carries its talents to living spaces, it is taking firm steps forward into the future.

Alesta Home, which has produced good ideas for good life since the early 1990s, continues to be a part of your life in many different categories, from curtains to carpets, from wallpaper to home accessories, with its fabric and decoration products that have gained the admiration of the world.

With its rich product range that does not limit its field of activity only to houses but synthesize aesthetics with functionality, it can be used in hotels, hospitals, commercial areas, etc. showcases its difference in large-scale projects.

Based on rational growth targets, corporate values, and sustainable success in business and service processes, Alesta Home unites with all its stakeholders, from employees to partners, around these principles.