1974 - The First Step Taken with Perseverance and Hope

Founder of Alesta Home, Fuat Yazıcı started as an apprentice in a home textile company in Necatibey, Ankara. The foundations of the founding process were taken with the first step taken with perseverance, faith, excitement and hope.


1990 - Alesta Home Takes Its Place in the Sector

Fuat Yazıcı; which has combined its vast knowledge and experience in production, sales and management with the entrepreneurial spirit, founded Alesta Home and the first Alesta Home store was opened in Ankara.

1991 - Brand Name was heard in the sector with the first Hotel Project

Alesta Home started its first hotel project implementation with ” Hyatt Regency Hotel ” located in Istanbul Taksim. Alesta Home, which has started to grow with a small but qualified staff, has started to make its name quickly in the sector in which it operates with its success in the hotel project.


1992 - Distributorships of European Brands were Acquired

Apelt, Belair, Collezione Cesaro and Turkey distributorship of major European brands such as Anker received. Starting to work with the strong brands of the market, Alesta Home has enriched its product range and customer experience.

1993 - Special Fabrics Imported From Global Brands

Alesta Home; Heimtextil / Frankfurt, Maison Objet / Paris, Propos / Como and Decosit / Brussels, including overseas by ensuring active participation in the exhibition, drapery and upholstery fabrics which have been imported from leading companies in Europe brought together for the first time customers in Turkey.


1995 - Second Store Opened Towards Growth Targets

Alesta Home, which always keeps its courage to enlarge its goals, opened its second store in Ankara, Aşağı Ayrancı.

1997 - First Time Collaboration with Professional Interior Architects

Alesta Home, which continues its project works with merchandising, has started to provide design service for the first time by forming a professional team of interior architects.


1999 - Participation in Istanbul International Home Textile Fair

Ales Home, the home textile sector in Turkey’s largest fair, “the Istanbul International Home Textiles Fair” (EVTEKS) introduces was first attended in 1999 and guests products from around the world in this prestigious platform.

2001 - Alesta Home Store Opened in Bilkent Center Shopping Mall

Taking steady steps to become a competitive, dynamic, open to development and innovation brand, Alesta Home took the value it has produced with its first shopping mall to another dimension.


2005 - Proudly Commemorated Study Was Performed in Anıtkabir Museum - Conference

Founder of Republic of Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s resting designed for museum-Conference Room located at the mausoleum special edition-woven carpet application was proudest work of the Alesta Home.

2006 - Alesta Home Store Opened in Ümitköy Design Plaza

One of the best companies in the industry; Alesta Home store was opened in Ümitköy Design Plaza in cooperation with Koleksiyon Furniture, Keklikoğlu, Güreller, Halıcızade. With this powerful initiative, customer needs were gathered under one roof.


2015 - Alesta Home Store Opened in Çayyolu

Alesta Home, which has gained an increasing momentum with its initiatives and investments in the home textile and decoration sector, has evaluated the advantageous position of Çayyolu, one of the rapidly developing districts of Ankara, by opening a store.

2017 - Alesta Home Starts E-Commerce Adventure

With the shopping experience moving to digital platforms, online stores were opened in Trendyol, N11, Hepsiburada, Amazon and Gittigidiyor e-commerce sites.


2019 - New Sales Channel Updated as “alestahome.com”

Alesta Home’s website, “alestahome.com” has been renewed and internet sales have started on this site.