Fuat Yazıcı, the founder of Alesta Home, opened his eyes to the world in 1958 in the Şehitler Village of Erzurum. His father, Abdullah Çavuş, who was engaged in agriculture, animal husbandry and commerce business, wanted his son to live here and do his father’s job like him, but Fuat Yazıcı’s dreams were also beyond the borders of this village.

He was 14 years old started working as a dishwasher in restaurants at the age of Erzurum, Fuat Yazıcı acquainted with the National Champion Wrestler Kaya Ozcan, was one of the major turning points of his life. Strengthened by the support and courage of Kaya Özcan, Fuat Yazıcı settled in Ankara next to his older sister, both to continue his education life and to work in different business lines.

The fate of Fuat Yazıcı, who never gave up struggling despite his father’s insistence on “come back” and the obstacles he brought before the city, changed when he saw the text “Wanted Apprentice Wanted” on the window of a photography studio in Abidin Paşa . He came in to explain that he wanted to work, but the photographer said: “Do you want to learn a profession or do you want to earn money? If you want to make money, the curtain maker in the side shop is looking for an apprentice, you can learn professions and earn money there. Said, after this dialogue, Fuat Yazıcı made a decision that would change his future and used his choice as a curtain. Fuat Yazıcı, who has never lost his enthusiasm and enthusiasm for his job, has learned to make curtain sewing and assembly in a very short time. He practiced what she learned with the sewing machine in her sister’s house; He planted curtains in the stores and started to make mobile assemblies.

It was producing, developing, always wanting to learn the new.

Working for 16 years in a home textile company in Necatibey Street in 1974, Fuat Yazıcı has developed himself in the fields of production, sales and management while continuing his education life. Fuat Yazıcı, who has adopted the integrity, quality and ethical working approach in trade, has made his dreams come true by establishing Alesta Home in Ankara in 1990.

Home textiles and introduce decoration sector in Turkey innovations, trends, review its own perspective, the signatories successful businesses domestically and abroad Fuat printer, has created a brand that has a say in the international market with Alesta Home.