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How To Do House Cleaning To Protect From Coronavirus?

Women wearing green cleaning aprons doing house cleaning

The most important measures that can be taken at home to protect against coronavirus are undoubtedly cleaning conditions. So how to clean the house to deal with this virus that changed our lives?

Let’s examine the answers in our article with details;

Cleaning your home is one of the best way to keep your family healthy and safe, and this can help you create a peaceful environment during our stressful times.

Remember! The coronavirus is not stronger than the measures we will take.

So, how can you effectively clean coronavirus germs away from your home?

A yellow glove that cleans the wall with a pink cloth

Experts say that it spreads by droplet and when we touch the infected surfaces.

This infection becomes infected when you touch an object that traps the virus for a long time, such as door handles or stair handrails, and then touch your eyes, nose, or mouth.

Periodic disinfection of frequently contacted surfaces (door handles, bathroom armatures, tables and chairs) in your home with cleaning materials is an important step to prevent the spread of the virus and you can easily do this cleaning with your own means.

You can follow the tips below to properly disinfect your home and protect yourself and your family from coronavirus.

First Clean, Then Disinfect

The most effective way to prevent any microbe, including viruses, from spreading and becoming dangerous is to first clean it and then disinfect it.

You can clean the germs in your belongings using soap and water. While cleaning reduces the number of microbes on the surfaces, it does not completely destroy them.To kill germs, you should use chemical cleaners such as bleach.

Use disposable gloves when cleaning these surfaces and discard the gloves after each use, so that no germ can spread through the gloves.After you are done with gloves, be sure to wash your hands with soap or use an alcohol hand sanitizer.

Use one of the following to disinfect surfaces:

  • An alcohol solution containing at least 70% alcohol
  • An EPA registered home disinfectant that kills germs
  • A diluted bleach solution
  • You can obtain a bleach solution by diluting four teaspoons of bleach in one liter of water. Remember: Never mix bleach with ammonia or another cleaner.

Clean Textile Products in Your Home

Dry cleaning shop full of washing machines and cleaning tools

The most important home textile products that you need to clean and disinfect are as follows;

  • Curtains
  • Carpets
  • Seats

Curtain Cleaning

Woman wearing green cleaning apron cleaning the curtain with a broom

Considering the possibility of this virus spreading in the air, when you start washing your curtains, do not shake your curtains and tulle as much as possible.

According to the fabric characteristics of your curtains, you can wash them in the washing machine following the washing instructions. If you throw your curtains in a scattered wash without folding them, they will come out of the machine less wrinkly.

However, if you need professional assistance in washing curtains, you can click on the link https://www.alestahome.com/en/services/cleaning-services/

Carpet Cleaning

Brown carpet washed with professional carpet washing machine

You can plan a professional cleaning service for your carpets and mats. With traditional household cleaning, you can remove stains and dust, but substances such as vinegar do not kill the corona virus, so a professional cleaning will be the best solution to make sure the carpet is as safe and hygienic as possible. Link https://www.alestahome.com/en/services/cleaning-services/

Seat Cleaning

Quilted black leather seat, cleaned with a blue cloth

Armchairs are one of the most used furniture in our homes. (now more than ever, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic!) With a lot of wear and tear, seats covered with high-martindale fabrics can last a long time. If your seat fabrics are worn and old, you can renew your seats by choosing antibacterial and stain resistant fabrics. You can click on the link to browse the upholstery fabrics https://www.alestahome.com/perde/

Your seats can also turn into a nest of germs, for beverage stains, food crumbs, pet hair. You can have your sofa cleaned professionally on the link https://www.alestahome.com/hizmetler/temizlik-hizmetleri/ but if you want to clean your seats yourself, we will list a few methods for you.

Protect your seats with seat covers

You can protect your sofas with seat covers made of washable fabrics. Also, do not position the sofas close to the facades of your home to avoid fading of the upholstery due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is ideal for routine cleaning as it cleans dust, dust mites, allergens and pet hair. Use the vacuum cleaner’s head restraints for detailed cleaning; cleaning the corners will be easier with these apparatus.


With the introduction of the coronavirus into our lives, many responsibilities have arisen to protect ourselves and our loved ones. One of these responsibilities is the cleaning of our homes, where we spend the most time.

You now have a general knowledge of home cleaning after coronavirus. In the light of this information, you can do your home cleaning yourself, or you can have a professional house cleaning by getting professional cleaning service.

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